Munching on a pastrami sandwich as if you were on the Lower East Side in New York, savouring a okonomiyaki pizza or a smoked eel nigiri as if you had just left the office in Osaka, tucking into a taco with slow-roast pibil pork as if you were in a Mexican pueblo … Canalla Bistro is all this and much more.

Ricard Camarena’s most eclectic restaurant is the nearest thing to a gastronomic trip around the world. Located in the district of Ruzafa in Valencia, Canalla Bistro’s dishes transport you to different places around the globe whose food the chef fell in love with.

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Canalla Bistro:
C/  Maestro José Serrano, 5
46005 València

For lunch:
  from  Friday to sunday 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm.
For dinner:  all days from 8.00 pm to 10.30 pm.


The restaurant also has its Canalla Bar where you can have a cocktail, a bite to eat or a full meal. Camarena wants to ensure that every customer’s visit to the restaurant is a complete experience.

With a Sol Repsol award already to its credit Canalla Bistro is a different yet affordable dining experience. Since opening in October 2012, its menu has been constantly changing.


We want you to feel at home, to enjoy yourself and to have a truly canalla experience. To this end, we have a committed and experienced team of professionals in the dining room and in the kitchen. Welcome to Canalla Bistro.